Helping Others Can Be a Cure

Not just for those who are in need, But for your soul as well
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Kindness For Soul is focused on empowering holders through crowd fund projects, rewards, & passive income.

Kindness for Soul was developed for two reasons; to help people who are genuinely in need, and to tokenize a highly lucrative industry. Real Estate has never been considered the most accessible market and creating the right posture has at times been complex and riddled with nuances.

Kindness for Soul is now leveraging the fluidity of blockchain technology and removing modernized hurdles to expand access to Real Estate in a meaningful way.

Recent Announcements


$KFS Rebranded to $KFSG

Kindness For Soul ($KFS) has now been rebranded to Kindness For Soul ($KFSG) Ticker has been changed as well as the tokenomics. Previous tokenomics for…

Kindness For Soul White Paper v1 Release

Hello $KFS Community, Version 1.0 of the Kindness For Soul White Paper is now released! For better understanding of Kindness For Soul, please read through…

Kindness For Soul – $400 GIVEAWAY

Kindness For Soul will be giving away $400 to 5 lucky winners. To participate you be will be required to make a YouTube video explaining…

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Helping Others + Real Estate

We’ve intentionally designed our model with the focus of being able to help people in need while offering access to our portfolio of global Real Estate properties on blockchain technology. While global Real Estate has notoriously been un-accessible for the novice investor, KFS has leveraged blockchain technology to open up the opportunity to take part in owning real property easier than ever before.

Our Assets Drive Returns

Our approach to tokenizing real estate allows KFS token holders to access the global markets and manage their portfolio in a safe and smarter way. Our crowdfunding program gives us the collective buying power of our investor community to acquire high quality properties from all over the world. There are no limits to the type, size, and location of our assets ranging from commercial, investment, to residential properties across the world.


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Black Lemon ($BOM)

Chain Wars ($CWE)

Crypto Islands ($GUMA)

Decentralized Finance ($D-ETF)

DexPad ($DXP)

Legends ($LeMeMe)

Martian Fuel ($MFuel)

Revolve Games ($RPG)

Secure Pad ($SEPA)



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Take Control

Centralized assets have no longer become the choice for people looking to stabilize decentralized monetary liabilities.

Think Bigger

Diversify your portfolio with our listed properties and take part in funding real estate projects from around the world.

Real Estate

Funding high end real estate just got a whole lot easier, whether your making a request to buy, sell, or trade $KFS, were here to help.

Help Others

Kindness for Soul was born out of a desire to help others who are in need through the power of blockchain technologies.