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Kindness For Soul will be selling 16 units that are located in Creek Vista, Dubai. (MBR City)

Creek Vista Reserve is near the current downtown of Dubai

This OFFER will take place on the 19th November 2021

These apartments will be gone in a snap. So if you snooze, it will be gone!

Deposits will be collected on the 20th November 2021

These 16 units are still under construction and will be handed over on March 2022

Properties will be sold for 1,150,000 DHS (This is discounted and under market rate which is going for 1,400,00 DHS currently)



20% Deposit Fee for the property ( AED: 230000 / $56,000 ) – This will be paid through cryptocurrency USDT/BUSD

Once payment complete the buyer will need to come Dubai in person to sign the property under their name.


Opportunity waits for no one! Take it or Leave it. Up to you at the end of the day.