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The $GUMA token is the main currency of CRYPTO ISLANDS Play-to-Earn game. GUMA is needed both to play the game and for several things, including access to other Islands, play different games, unlocking special characters, rewards… And much more!

Players can also use GUMA to buy/sell things inside the game. It’s just like MONEY inside CRYPTO ISLANDS game. We are also looking to implement other use cases for the GUMA token. Those updates will come during our development.

We are building the game on Unity engine. We have a talented team of 2D, 3D artists, game developers, crypto developers and supporters/ partnerships. Developers are based, having worked on other known and successful projects before.



We are expecting to raise about 500K max with the private sale before public listing.

Funds will be used to increase development productivity, hire new crew members with specific skills that will make sure the project is a success for a long term. We are building something truly special here. I’m very excited about everything! There is a very strategic agenda for marketing campaign involving famous YouTubers, twitter and other social media influencers. PooCoin ads, CMC and CoinGecko listings.


$GUMA token – SEED AND PRIVATE sale info:

Price per token (seed sale): 0.000062 bnb

Price per token (private sale): 0.000142 bnb

Tokens per 1 BNB: 16200

Tokens for seed sale: 11,129,400 (4.1%)

Total supply: 270,000,000

Minimum contribution per wallet:: 0.01 bnb

Maximum contribution per wallet: 60 bnb


$GUMA tokenomics:

4.1% seed sale

5.9% private sale

20% public sale

7% team

10% game and nft development

53% pancakeswap, cex listing, rewards and token burns


*It’s not vested, but holders cannot transfer tokens to other wallets till the token is listed, also no wallet can send more than 0.5-1% of the total supply in a single transaction.


Seed Sale Offer Begins: 27th October 2021

Seed Sale Offer Ends: 1st November 2021