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600k Crowdfund Opportunity

As $KFS is ready to grow and build businesses and invesments, we are happy to announce a 600,000 $KFS crowdfund at $14 EACH

To participate in this crowdfund, Follow these steps.

  1. Send BUSD (BEP-20) from your private wallet (Trust Wallet or MetaMask) to the following address  ‘ 0xB3aDc104A4F8Fb47d0529e701a759D6Ad3265C9B ‘
  2. Once payment has been sent, wait for 24 hours to receive your $KFS token distribution
  3. For the $KFS token to appear on your Private Wallet, you will need to manually add it (Contract Address below)

Kindness For Soul ($KFS) Contract Address:

Please be aware: 4% tax that encounters on this crowdfund sale.
2% will go to Liquidity
2% will go to Holders

Thank you for participating!