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DexPad ($DXP) – Private Sale (Hosted by Kindness For Soul)

DexPad is  a permissionless multichain launchpad with all-in-one tool for your smooth token launch journey. You can mint your token on DexPad, presale them, lock the liquidity and can also airdrop to your community member (1000 of tokens at a time).

We are working on anti-honeypot system where honeypot contracts will not be allowed to do presale. This doesn’t mean it has to wait in days for the approval like permissioned launchpads. this will be done by simply checking the contract code by our in-house developers right now and later by 3rd party auditors.


Ticker: $DXP

$DXP Private Sale Price: $0.015

Initial Circulating Supply at launch: 12,660,000

Total Supply: 100,000,000

TGE/CEX Listing Target: N/A (Information will be released)

Vesting Period: 15% TGE, Remainder will be linearly vested over 18 months.

Max Allocation: $220,000

$20,000 of the revenue from this private sale will be taken and given to Kindness For Soul. This revenue will be used for a strategic ‘Buyback & Burn’ and charity of choice.

This private sale is only for the Kindness For Soul PRIVATE group.

Private Sale Begins: 06th November 2021


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