Lending Program

Interest-Free Loans

Learn About the Kindness for Soul Interest-Free Lending Program.

Kindness for Soul makes gives you the ability to borrow USDT while holding on to your. Our lending vehicle is a form of Decentralized Financing where token holders lend cryptocurrency to borrowers in exchange for interest-free payments (crypto dividends). This not only mutually makes sense; it allows KFS holders to have liquidity on hand while maintaining their portfolio’s posture in real estate.

Our lending platform is one of the few places you can both “stay the course” and receive a loan at 0% interest. Life is full of curve balls and great opportunities, you never know when one is going to be thrown your way, use your KFS tokens as collateral instead of selling it.



The borrower has existing KFS tokens to collateralize in exchange for an interest-free loan.

Submit Loan Request

Review, fill out, then submit our Loan Request form.

Loan Approval

If your loan request has been approved we will contact for confirmation and terms. The borrower than needs to pay back or settle the loan in order to release their tokens.

Loan Payback

Once the borrower pays back the loan, they will received back their collateralized KFS tokens.

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